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Artisan Roof Repairs and Maintenance offers a wide range of residential and light commercial repair services. No home roof repair challenge is too big, OR too small for Artisan.

Please enjoy our carousal of repair pictures.

If you believe your roof is in need of any of these repair services, Artisan is the company to call:


  • Furnace base flashing replacement
  • Dead valley leak repairs
  • Valley, dead ended into side wall leaks
  • Gutter problem resolution
  • Drainage problem resolution
  • Tree branch removal from roof due to high winds
  • Temporary/emergency roof patch
  • Removal of damaged attic insulation
  • Repaired leaks in valleys, pipe jacks, transitions, vents, eave edges
  • Leak detection on interior walls
  • Installed felt underlayment never installed or not installed correctly
  • Removed incorrectly installed flashings, and replaced correctly
  • Caulking of windows and door thresholds
  • Ice and water guard installation and application

Cedar Shakes

  • Expert Shake Removal /Replacement
  • Extending the life of your shake roof through maintenance


  • Rebuilt skylights (frames, flashing, cap-flashing) re-shingled
  • Cut in and installation of new skylights
  • Multiple side-by-side skylights applications
  • Removal of skylights
  • Skylight bubble and glass replacement
  • Diagnostic for leaks and potential leak areas on roofs


  • Custom chimney topper removal and installation
  • Cricket removal and replacement
  • Chimney flashing total removal and replacement
  • Chimney box removal and replacement
  • Brick chimney mortar water sealing


  • Cut in and installed roof vents, power vents, ridge venting and soffit vents/ Gable-vents
  • Proper venting to extend life of roof and meet shingle requirements


  • Shingle defect detection
  • Shingle porch /garage roofs
  • Shingle whole roofs
  • Wind damage repairs and preventative maintenance
  • Multiple layer repairs 

Low Slope Roofs

  • EPDM roof removal and replacement
  • Low slope roofing removal and application


  • Removal of siding, trim board replacement and prime and painting
  • Removal and replacement of roof decking
  • Metal roofing penetration leak sealing
  • Custom metal installation
  • Frame/truss strengtheningĀ 
  • Diverter installation
  • Evaporative cooler removal and replacement
  • Gentle snow and ice removal Contact Us     |    Privacy    |    Site Map    |   © 2013 Artisan Roof Repair & Maintenance